What Is AL!VE?

People often ask us, "What is this place for?" The answer is: It depends on how YOU define health, wellness and community collaboration. Perhaps this booklet will be worth a thousand words.

We love to tell the story of how we got here. It's been a long road, and we still have a ways to go. But it's been insightful, fun, challenging, enlightening, creative and dynamic.

How you experience AL!VE can be very different from someone else. And we've designed it that way on purpose. 

Ready to get involved and learn more? Feeling more AL!VE? Great! Then we're doing our job. Click to learn more.

A Few Other Places to Visit...

How it will look

  • We took the roof off so you could see inside. Just keep in mind that as we tweak our design, things might change. 

Take My Word For It

  • Leaders from throughout Charlotte and the region share their support.  

Feeling AL!VE

  • Pick the image that makes you feel most AL!VE.

Talk to Us

  • Contact information

We've also included pictures to help tell the story of how we've become AL!VE so far.

Welcome to Our Journey