Chaplain Services

Meeting Your Spiritual Needs
HGB has more than 20 volunteer chaplains ready to assist patients and their family members who may need spiritual guidance on their journey.

With representatives from several denominations throughout the Greater Charlotte area, our program is recognized as being very responsive to patients. If the chaplain on call is not from your church or denomination, and you would prefer to speak with someone who is, he or she will contact a more suitable clergyperson to come and speak with you. Our chaplains are also trained regularly to be sensitive to patient issues and needs, as well as those of the clinical staff with whom they interact. We believe all of this makes for a better and more comforting and healing experience.

If you or a loved one would like a chaplain visit, please let your nurse know or call 517-543-1050, ext. 1207 (during business hours).

HGB also has a beautiful chapel in the Outpatient Surgery lobby across from the HGB Heart Station for those who would like a quieter, more private place to meditate.