HGB employees recognized at annual Fulton Awards

Three employees received the Fulton Award of Excellence, HGB's highest honors at an annual award ceremony March 12.

Patients and Visitors

As a community hospital, we believe it should be as easy to maneuver around our facilities as it would be to get around in your neighborhood. It should also be easy to find a friend or relative who might be staying with us for a time. It’s all about convenience – for patients, for visitors, for you.
Important Resources for Patients

Because we want every patient to know his or her rights, and understand how to work with our physicians and clinical staff to ensure the best care possible, we have the following resources available. We encourage you to read them over before, during or after a stay with us. And if you have questions, we are here to help.

Patient resources:

Patient Health Portal – Contact your HGB physician to sign up for the portal for HGB physician practices.

Speak Up Program Brochure

Patient Rights & Responsibilities