An eccentric music teacher who went by the name of Professor Clark began to construct a mansion he called Hollyhurst to impress his hoped-for fiancée. The young woman was not impressed, however. She never accepted Clark's interest and left before the mansion was complete. The heartbroken Clark continued for some time to live in the mansion alone, until he left and the mansion became property of the generous farmer who had loaned him the money to build it. That farmer's name was Henry Hayes.

Mr. Hayes did not desire to live in Hollyhurst, so he had the person who helped him on the farm also serve as the housekeeper to take care of Hollyhurst.  Her name? R. Ellen Green.

Mr. Hayes’ intention was to eventually donate the mansion to Eaton County for the establishment of the county’s first modern hospital, but he died before completing his plan. Ms. Green honored his wishes, however, and in 1933, she donated the mansion to the Eaton County Board of Supervisors (now Board of Commissioners), and the hospital was dubbed the Hayes Green Hospital.

Less than two decades later, the local healthcare demands already had outgrown the mansion. In the early 1950s, a major fundraising effort led to the construction of a new facility neighboring the mansion. The fundraising effort was spearheaded by a local philanthropist named Fitch H. Beach.  When the hospital became a private nonprofit hospital in the 70's, it was renamed Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital.

Largely driven by the charitable support of the local community, the hospital has continued to make progress in healthcare quality – most notably with the recent completion of Imagine HGB in 2005. Now, the hospital stands poised as a place where Eaton County residents can confidently receive quality care from high-caliber physicians and professionals with a wide range of capabilities and extensive relationships.