AL!VE expansion expected to open in December with community support

In its first eight months, AL!VE is quickly becoming the “Community Well-Being Place” Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital began to envision in 2007. The Charlotte destination health park is seeing a growing number of guests each month who are embracing its integrated array of health and well-being services.

Since it opened, mid-Michigan residents have walked through AL!VE’s doors approximately 65,000 times to visit their physical therapist in Empower, get a mammogram in Journey, enjoy lunch in Nourish, walk on Explore, learn about healthy cooking in Relish, schedule a massage or facial in Fuse, play cards in Mingle, drop in for volleyball in Soar or any number of other activities. And there is even more to come later this year.

Construction crews just finished hanging drywall in Grow, the new child development area, as well as in Indulge, the locker rooms where members of Move, the new fitness center, will be pampered. Holes have been cut into the exterior wall to prepare for the installation of glass-block windows in Gather, the conference space that will offer a board room and two additional meeting rooms.

The next phase of AL!VE is expected to open in early December. 

"If construction remains on schedule, we are looking at a December 10 opening," said Patrick Sustrich, AL!VE executive director. "We are looking forward to being able to offer expanded experiences and services to the greater Charlotte community."

HGB’s Wellness Center will become Move when it transitions to AL!VE. While Move offers membership opportunities, it’s not necessary to be a member to try out the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities – guest passes will be available for purchase. 

Grow, the child development area will offer activities and programming for children of all ages. Youngsters will be able to use the play areas inside and outside, while older children may choose to do homework, read a book or play Wii Fit in a more quiet area. 

In addition to adding more space for more meeting rooms, Explore, the walking path, will almost double in size with the expansion. 

AL!VE’s current facilities, as well as the expansion, have been made possible thanks to the generosity of local community members, businesses and organizations. More than 75 percent of the funds needed to build AL!VE have already been raised.

“A capital campaign is still underway to help us make AL!VE everything the community wants and needs it to be,” said Barbara Fulton, director of community and organizational development. “Once the capital campaign wraps up, we have various ways that community generosity will be integrated into our AL!VE programs so we are  able to offer quality programming that benefits everyone. Many of our services have been and will continue to be  provided free or at a discounted rate so as many people as possible can benefit from AL!VE.”

The formal capital campaign ends in late October. Pledges and donations support AL!VE as a whole. There are still naming opportunities available in both the current facility and in the expansion.

Ultimately, all AL!VE donors are helping the community as a whole. The health park is open to everyone – there are no membership requirements. Its goal is to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of every person who uses the facilities and services.

Those interested in supporting AL!VE, and being part of the capital campaign, can easily give online through a secure payment system at Simply go to “Become AL!VE” where you can donate any amount. You can also call 517.541.5913. And, because AL!VE is a non-profit organization, all gifts are tax deductible.

“All gifts are welcome,” Fulton said. “Every dollar that has been raised has made a difference – and you can be confident that your support goes toward improving the health of mid-Michigan residents.”

For more information about AL!VE visit or visit its Facebook page