Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day at the HGB Wellness Center

Saturday, Sept. 24, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital's Wellness Center will celebrate national Family Health and Fitness Day with a free event for the whole family.

Fun-filled activities include family exercise classes like Dance Party, Zumba and Boot Camp, an obstacle course, as well as arts and crafts. There will also be a healthy cooking presentation for children along with a cooking demonstration for the entire family. The event is 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Family Health and Fitness Day is the perfect way to begin a new commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Today's adults are becoming more and more inactive due to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern living and digital entertainment. Children often spend more time immersed in technology than in healthy activities, and this is creates a major health risk.

"There is no better time than now for adults, parents and children to plan a lifestyle overhaul," said Kim Dickinson, HGB director of rehabilitation and wellness services. "One of my favorite quotes is from Lao Tsu, 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'"

According to studies conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010, American children eight years and older spend an average of 11 hours a day engaging with media technologies – 4 hours watching TV, 2.5 hours listening to music, 1.5 hours on the computer and more than 1 hour playing video games. The remainder of that time is spent using cell phones and texting. Since 1999 the amount of media exposure in a typical day has increased by more than three hours.

"It is never too late to change and reverse this trend," Dickinson said. "Increasing your physical activity improves cardiovascular fitness, helps control blood pressure, prevents obesity, improves self-esteem and reduces stress, and most importantly promotes a healthier lifestyle."

The Wellness Center offers several options for family fitness and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Located at 123 Lansing Road in Charlotte the Wellness Center is a state of the art fitness facility featuring a wide array of fitness equipment, classes for all ages and amenities, including a whirlpool, free towel service and locker rooms.

For more information, please call the HGB Wellness Center at (517) 543-9575.