Charlotte Rotary joins Become AL!VE campaign and announces community match opportunity

The Charlotte community will soon soar a little higher thanks to a gift being made by the Charlotte Rotary to the Become AL!VE campaign. The club is also offering an opportunity for the community to help its gift go even further.

The board of directors and members of the Charlotte Rotary Club recently voted to donate $100,000 to AL!VE, which is set to open its first phase in late November. In addition, Rotary is issuing a community match opportunity: Raise $25,000 and Rotary will match it with another $25,000 – for a total gift of $150,000!

Touring through AL!VE, one discovers that the various spaces have unique names – all action verbs - reflecting the lively, dynamic nature of the building as well as what takes place there. Since everything already has a name, when a donor wants to 'name' an area it is called a "Brought AL!VE By" opportunity. In this manner, Rotary's gift created a "Brought AL!VE By" occasion and they chose SOAR, which is a multi-function space for a wide variety of community activities.

SOAR is a major focal point visible from all areas of AL!VE and will feature educational and wellness programming, events, and entertainment. It can be used as a single open space or divided for two separate activity areas and will be used for both public and private events. SOAR will be flooded with natural light and will overlook PONDER, the indoor garden at AL!VE.

"Other areas within AL!VE have been chosen by several families and organizations in our community," said Barbara Fulton, HGB director of community and organizational development. "We are honored that the Pray family selected RELISH, the teaching kitchen, as a way to remember the life of Laurel Pray, who loved cooking and having her family around for food and fellowship. We've also received a family gift in memory of Evelo Fulton and Jerre Fredenburg for NOURISH, the café."

In addition, the HGB Auxiliary is supporting the AL!VE project. Their gift created a "Brought AL!VE By" opportunity for which they selected the TRUST suite inside women's health. TRUST features rooms for preventative screenings, including digital mammograms and bone density tests among others. These services will be closely connected to the hospital, which was important to the Auxiliary. The family of Marilyn Dobbs recently created a "Brought AL!VE By" occasion with their gift; choosing MINGLE, a social space surrounded by educational, consulting and health screening areas.

"We're thrilled to have Rotary join with all the other organizations and individuals who are supporting AL!VE," added Fulton, who has been deeply involved in designing AL!VE with other HGB staff and community members. "Everyone knows the Charlotte Rotary club is a leader in our area. They have stepped up to the plate on so many valuable endeavors in Charlotte over the years. The group is an amazing cross-section of our community, so we are very humbled by their generosity."

Rotary leaders agree the project is something worth supporting. "AL!VE is a project we believe in wholeheartedly," said Rotary President Dave Starr. "Rotary has done its due diligence in learning about AL!VE so it could make an educated decision about how to support it. We made the choice to provide the sizeable gift we did because we want to be part of this wonderful project that will make such a difference for our entire community."

The community match Rotary has issued is the first of its kind in the AL!VE campaign, according to Fulton. As she explains it, in addition to its $100,000 pledge, Rotary will match every dollar the community contributes, up to $25,000, bringing their total to $150,000 toward the project.

Jim Cicorrelli, immediate past president of Charlotte Rotary, was part of the group who began to explore how the club could support AL!VE.

"I feel AL!VE will be a facility the entire community can benefit from. All generations can utilize it and enrich their lives, whether it's with a stroll around the outside grounds, walking indoors, meeting for coffee, dropping a child off to daycare while they exercise, or many other choices AL!VE will have," said Cicorelli. "It will also be another 'gem' of the community that we can all be proud to have in 'small-town' USA."

Other Rotary members are also excited to see their group make such a solid commitment to the project, said Fulton.

"The AL!VE project is a symbol of the forward thinking of the leadership of HGB and of this community. I'm glad the Charlotte Rotary is supporting the project and I believe the facility will be a catalyst for future growth in our area," shared Eric Crandall, Rotary board member and local realtor.

"AL!VE is all about community," Fulton said. "Making a contribution in response to Rotary's challenge is a valuable way for people to get involved. The community's ongoing commitment and involvement will be essential to the overall success of the endeavor."

In addition to SOAR, the first phase of AL!VE will include women's health (JOURNEY) and physical rehabilitation (EMPOWER) services, as well as portions of the indoor and outdoor walking trails (EXPLORE), the courtyard garden (PONDER), a café (NOURISH) and demonstration teaching kitchen (RELISH). It is slated to open at the end of November. A Community Preview was held Sunday, Oct. 23, and more than 1,000 mid-Michigan residents captured their first glimpse of the destination health park.

Major construction for the AL!VE health park has been underway since its groundbreaking in September 2010. What was once the Felpausch grocery store and CVS Pharmacy at 800 W. Lawrence Ave. in Charlotte will eventually be an 80,000-square-foot facility that will expand Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital's vision to enhance the overall health and vitality of the community. "While being spearheaded by the hospital, the project has experienced tremendous community support to date," said Matt Rush, FACHE, HGB president and CEO.

To learn more about AL!VE and how you can get involved, visit or “like” the group’s Facebook page. If you would like to speak with someone in person about making a gift to AL!VE, contact Fulton at 517-541-5913