Free program for urinary incontinence sufferers

The event will take place on the second floor of the hospital in the Trumley Education Center and is offered by HGB Physical Therapy Services.
This one-hour program will not only focus on the various types of urinary incontinence that exist, but will discuss the symptoms and the many treatment options available through physical therapy services.

According to the International Continence Society, urinary incontinence (UI) is a condition with an involuntary loss of urine. UI is a symptom, not a disease, and can be an indicator of an underlying condition or muscle imbalance in the pelvic floor.

"Typically, incontinence is diagnosed and treated by a physician when a patient reports having issues regarding urinary retention," states Kelli Fletcher, BS, PT, DPT, doctor of physical therapy at HGB. "Yet, all too often, people don't report these symptoms because they are embarrassed. In turn, this can leave people feeling helpless, depressed, and socially isolated."

According to Fletcher, although patients often find support from their physician, they can also find support from a licensed physical therapist.

"A physical therapist trained in the evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence can offer suggestions and guidance to help overcome the barriers that accompany incontinence," she states.

Fletcher adds that prolonged childbirth, abdominal surgeries, and other orthopedic procedures can be contributing factors to pelvic floor dysfunctions and are often times overlooked.

"One in seven American women, ages 18-50, is diagnosed with some type of pelvic pain or dysfunction," she states. "Among these women, 61 percent have no true diagnosis."

HGB Physical Therapy offers evaluation and treatment options upon referral from a physician. Evaluations are detailed and personalized for every patient and assist with the development of a treatment plan that has functional and obtainable goals. They also offer opportunities to answer questions and discuss difficult topics pertaining to the pelvic area.

To learn more or to register for the event, call HGB Physical Therapy Services at 517-543-9575.