Help your student athlete reduce risks of injury

Dr. Nicholas Doman, orthopedic surgeon, and Derek Sanders, certified athletic trainer, share strategies on how to minimize the risk of injury in student athletes during an interactive educational presentation at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 23, at AL!VE in Charlotte, Mich.

According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, nearly 90 percent of student athletes have reported some type of sports-related injury, and 54 percent of those students admit to having played while injured. Plus, many young athletes are specializing in one or two sports, and then playing those sports year-round. A 2016 report by the American Academy of Pediatrics states: “The increased emphasis on sport specialization has led to an increase in overuse injuries, overtraining and burnout.”

However there are steps that can be taken to help student athletes reduce the risk of injury, as well as safely address injuries to ensure they don’t become a long-term issue.

“It is important we teach these students early how important it is to focus on conditioning to reduce injuries,” Sanders said. “Plus, when they do get injured, they can’t ignore it. Otherwise it might become a chronic or repetitive problem, and what should have been a short-term concern becomes a long-term problem.”

Sanders is an athletic trainer with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation services, and has also worked with student athletes at Charlotte Public Schools. Dr. Doman will be joining Eaton Regional Orthopedics, HGB’s orthopedic practice, in July 2018 as their newest orthopedic surgeon. One of his specialties is sports-related injuries.

Sanders and Dr. Doman are joining together to educate student athletes and their parents, as well as coaches, on ways they can reduce or minimize injuries, especially as they begin summer conditioning in preparation for the fall sports season. The hour-long presentation is free and refreshments will be provided.

To register for the program or get more information, please call (517) 541-5800, option 1. AL!VE is located at 800 W. Lawrence Avenue, in Charlotte, Mich.