HGB caregivers recognized by Charlotte Public Schools

During a recent football game, Charlotte Public Schools recognized Dr. Scot Randall, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital family practitioner, and Eaton Area Emergency Medical Services, for their ongoing partnership with the school system and their community efforts.

Dr. Randall opened his HGB family practice in 1993, and has been the team doctor for the Charlotte High School football team for nearly 14 years. The Eaton Area EMS team is also present and on stand-by at each CHS home football game.

“Dr. Randall and the EMS team are critical to the health and safety of our football athletes,” said Daniel Stafford, CHS athletic director. “We are very appreciative of their dedication and service to our kids, the athletic department and the football program.”

Additionally Eaton Area EMS has also provided CPR training for Charlotte Public Schools staff, and in the past has coordinated SADD demonstrations during prom season.

Dr. Randall and Eaton Area EMS were presented with certificates by Stafford and HGB Chief Integration Officer Patrick Sustrich at the CHS home football game between the third and fourth quarters, Friday, Oct. 13.

Pictured from left to right are: Stafford; John Truba, Eaton Area EMS director; Dr. Randall, and Sustrich; and Corrin O’Neill, Kevin Fiala, Dean Butler, Dan Sowles, Ann Austin, Roy Gilbertson with Blake and Abbygail, Ann Austin and Holly LaFrance with Eaton Area EMS.