HGB moves to all digital radiology

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital announces that all of its imaging services are now fully digital. Digital radiology provides better quality imaging and reduces patients’ radiation exposure by half.
“Our goal at HGB is to always provide a safe, excellent experience for our patients and staff,” said Kevin Hansen, imaging services manager. “Digital imaging provides safer testing that may not be available elsewhere, as well as reduces the time patients wait for results.”
Digital radiology is available at the main hospital campus as well as at its orthopedic practice, Eaton Regional Orthopedics, located at 616 Meijer Drive in Charlotte, Mich.
Additionally, HGB provides full MRI services and benefits. In most cases patients can schedule MRI appointments the same week they are referred by their physician. A wide-bore scanner is also available Sundays to accommodate unique patient needs. "This is especially beneficial for patients who are concerned about feeling claustrophobic during the MRI scan," Hansen said.
Patients should contact their primary care provider or specialist for referrals to HGB Radiology. They can also contact the hospital at (517) 543-1050, ext. 1520, for more information.