HGB offers diabetes education program certified by the American Diabetes Association

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is committed to improve the quality of life for patients with diabetes through its diabetes education program. The four-week curriculum is designed to promote proper self-care based upon state and national standards. Classes are taught by a registered nurse and dietitian, with rotating day and evening classes. 

The diabetes education series is the perfect first-step patients can take toward managing diabetes. It educates patients about medication administration, diet guidelines and blood-sugar testing to help them maintain and control diabetes. It also promotes self-management, helping to prevent and limit long-term health complications.

HGB’s diabetes program is certified by the Michigan Department of Community Health and the American Diabetes Association. The two-hour class and is broken up into a four-part series. The first and third classes are taught by a registered dietitian and guide patients through proper nutrition and diet. The second and fourth classes are led by a registered nurse and focus on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and best manage diabetes.

For patients seeking further assistance and support, a free diabetes support group meets monthly to discuss topics ranging from new medications and treatments to healthy eating.

Most insurance providers cover the diabetes education program in its entirety and include one refresher course per year. For more information on the program, support group or to register, contact the diabetes educator at 517-543-1050, ext. 1727.

HGB has been the community’s choice for health care for more than 80 years, and is committed to working together in health to provide quality care and enhance the vitality of the community. Learn more about HGB at www.hgbhealth.com.