HGB offers variety of volunteer opportunities

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital serves its community, and its community serves the hospital. HGB relies on the generosity of dozens of local volunteers who support hospital services by donating skills and talents.

HGB volunteers are engaged throughout the hospital as well as at AL!VE. Roles include operating The Gift Basket, the hospital gift shop, greeting patients and visitors, as well as delivering mail and running errands, providing clerical support in various departments, and assisting during events. There are 10 different types of volunteers, including an annual summer teen program. Scheduling is flexible and convenient, and volunteers can work as little or as much as their personal and work schedules allow.

“Studies have shown that volunteering is actually good for you … physically and mentally,” said Dana Pray, HGB director of development and experience. “People who donate their time not only help the community but also gain experience, meet new friends and improve their own health.”

There is evidence that those who volunteer may experience reduced heart rates and blood pressure, increased endorphin production, enhanced immune systems and lower stress rates. Plus volunteering at younger ages can build professional skills and references, Pray said.

HGB welcomes all community members who are interested in helping to support the hospital’s mission to improve community health and vitality. Applications can be found on the HGB website at hgbhealth.com/volunteers. Those interested in learning more about the volunteer experience can reach out to Mary Hogan in HGB Administration at 517-543-1050, ext. 52409 or mhogan@hgbhealth.com.