HGB is one of only two Michigan hospitals now Pritikin-certified for cardiac rehabilitation

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital was recently designated as a provider of Pritikin-certified intensive cardiac rehabilitation. It is one of only two hospitals in Michigan to achieve the certification.

Pritikin is an evidence-based program that provides an opportunity to improve patient recovery and reduce readmission rates following a qualifying cardiac event, such as a heart attack, angioplasty, valve surgery, stent, coronary artery bypass grafting or heart transplant. The program has also demonstrated the ability to lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI and blood sugar, and reduce the need for medications.  

Patients who enroll in Pritikin’s comprehensive cardiac rehab program, rather than a standard cardiac rehab program, benefit from additional educational and exercise sessions customized to their specific health care needs. Participants meet three times per week for 12 weeks. The sessions combine monitored exercise with lifestyle education, including one-on-one consultations, weekly cooking classes, workshops and educational videos. The program is covered by Medicare and many other insurance providers.

“The comprehensive program focuses on three key pillars that can be tailored to a patient’s individual situation,” said Jacob Campbell, HGB director of health and wellness services. “Those include regular exercise, healthy eating and a healthy mindset to promote long-term health and well-being.”

HGB recently moved cardiac rehabilitation from the hospital to its health park, AL!VE, where it can provide all the services offered through the Pritikin Program in one convenient location. AL!VE is located at 800 W. Lawrence Ave., in Charlotte, Mich. Campbell expects to begin seeing intensive cardiac rehab patients in mid- to late August. 

Cardiac patients who are interested in Pritikin cardiac rehab should talk with their primary care provider or cardiologist. Questions about HGB’s program can be directed to Campbell at (517) 543-1050, ext. 1681.

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital has been the Charlotte community’s choice for health care for more than 80 years. HGB is committed to working together in health to provide quality care and enhance the vitality of the community. It expanded its vision beyond providing traditional hospital services to one that promotes health and well-being through AL!VE. Learn more about HGB at www.hgbhealth.com and AL!VE at www.myalive.com.