HGB Orthopedics expands team to provide full range of services

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce it continues to expand its orthopedics team and resources to improve continuity of care.

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that tries to prevent and correct problems affecting bones and muscles. HGB orthopedic services are provided at the hospital’s main campus in Charlotte, Mich., and include care for knees, hands, wrists, shoulders and more. Its team of doctors can address issues like fractures, ACL injuries, carpal tunnel and some spine issues. The team also sees many patients with sports injuries.

HGB Orthopedics is led by Dr. Meredith Heisey with Mid-Michigan Orthopaedics, who has been a surgeon at the hospital since 2007. She offers general orthopedic services, with a sub-specialty in sports medicine.

"We will see a patient for any orthopedic need,” Dr. Heisey said. “Even if it’s a service we don’t handle at HGB Orthopedics, we can recommend next steps and arrange for other care if necessary. With the expertise we have on our team, we can serve as a resource for all things orthopedic.”

The HGB team includes Dr. John Flood with Lansing Orthopedics, who has been a general orthopedic surgeon at HGB since 1996, and Dr. William Truluck with the Great Lakes Hand Institute. Dr. Truluck joined HGB Orthopedics in 2013 and he specializes in hand, elbow and wrist surgeries. The team is rounded out by Physician Assistant Randy Schott, who provides non-operative care and evaluations, and also assists Dr. Heisey at Mid-Michigan Orthopaedics.

“We have a great support team in place,” Dr. Heisey said. “Not only do we work well together as an ortho team at HGB, we also have great communication and a great relationship with other community resources, as well as other teams critical to a patient’s success like physical and occupational therapy, and pain management.”

With the expansion of orthopedic program and services, HGB’s team is able to see more patients, more quickly. Schott holds regular office hours Tuesday through Friday, in addition to the weekly appointments available to meet with the surgeons. The team sees patients of all ages.

“We have the same resources at HGB as you would find in a larger hospital,” Dr. Heisey said. “I’ve had patients throughout the region come to HGB and be pleasantly surprised. They receive one-on-one care here they don’t necessarily find in a larger health system."

Going forward, HGB will continue to expand services and provide even more access to resources, including working closely with MSU’s orthopedic residency program. Another orthopedic surgeon from MSU will be joining the team full-time in July. With four surgeons, HGB Orthopedics will provide complete comprehensive care as well as full call coverage for urgent or emergency care situations.

“For a small community hospital, it’s amazing what services HGB offers,” Dr. Heisey said.

HGB Orthopedics can be contacted at (517) 543-7976.