HGB receives regional community service award

CAHA honors one organization and one individual each year at its annual meeting based on nominations from the community. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in the capital area to the overall health and well-being of the mid-Michigan community. Nominees should be individuals and/or groups that participated in creating and offering quality, health-related service.  

HGB, a 25-bed community hospital in Charlotte, Michigan, was nominated for the award because it “has demonstrated a significant commitment to the communities it serves not only by providing great health care, but by walking its talk in terms of regional leadership and a unique mission statement that recognizes the importance of the hospital’s role in creating more vital communities. It has evolved and grown with the needs of those it serves always front and center. Its outstanding and visionary board, staff and physicians keep their eyes on the future while solidly planted in the needs and opportunities of today.”

Specifically, HGB has shown continual growth and diversification. In the last five years, the hospital has added new inpatient, emergency, patient registration and lobby space. It has formed partnerships with organizations like Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute, Michigan Gastroenterology Institute and Pulmonary Services PC so it could open its Heart, Endoscopy and Sleep Stations. It has brought on new doctors, expanded urgent care hours to 12 per weekday, and enhanced its women’s health services. 

“We believe the community has been positively impacted because of how many more high-quality choices people have for health care closer to home and in a more personal setting,” explained Matt Rush, FACHE, president and CEO of Hayes Green Beach. “From an economic vitality standpoint, this growth means more jobs, more tax dollars and more revenue into the community as well. We are very proud to have been chosen for this award.”

The nomination also said the organization has grown and thrived through thoughtful leadership, careful planning and knowing that it must partner with its neighboring health systems and not try to compete with them. The nominator was “continually impressed with how the hospital seeks to educate its employees, donors, board, community leaders and physicians about the importance of growing “the right way” with an eye toward the future rather than just for the sake of growth.”

One specific project called out in the nomination was AL!VE, a new development in Charlotte that will rehab a grocery store and adjacent property that has been vacant for nearly seven years into a “world of creative well-being” where people from all walks of life and all levels of health can start, or continue, a journey to better health. In addition to the impact HGB has on its surrounding communities as a hospital, its AL!VE facility will be accessible to all and will positively impact the vitality and economic growth of not only Charlotte, but a wider area of Eaton and Ingham counties.

“The principles and values of the Capital Area Health Alliance reflect the spirit, deep compassion and committed volunteerism that are basic characteristics of the capital area community,” explains Valerie Glesnes-Anderson, CAHA’s Executive Director. “HGB shares these principles and values, and demonstrates them on a daily basis. CAHA and HGB also share a belief that we must be responsible stewards of our community’s health resources, so awarding this honor to the hospital was very easy.”

Nominees for the CAHA Community Service Award had to meet the following specific criteria:
•    Exhibit concern and interest in healthcare issues affecting the capital area;
•    Demonstrate leadership in promoting health;
•    Exemplify a strong commitment of caring for the people and community they serve;
•    Advocate for the healthcare needs of the disadvantaged;
•    Promote cooperation and collaboration in the healthcare system for the benefit of the community;
•    Be a resident of, or a professional working in, the capital area.

The alliance was founded in 1994 as a coalition of organizations, businesses, healthcare professionals and volunteers from Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties to advocate for community health and improvements in quality, cost and access in healthcare resources in the tri-county area. CAHA’s initiatives include, but are not limited to, the Access to Health Committee, Capital Area Community Nursing Network, Healthy Lifestyles Committee, Mental Health Partnership Council and Capital Area Physician Experience. One of the alliance’s most prominent endeavors to date has been the creation of the Capital Area Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) which has been spun off and now functions as an independent corporation to collect live healthcare data feeds from area providers that will result in new medical information efficiencies and accuracy that will increase healthcare quality, promote safety, save system costs and save lives. HGB is a founding member of RHIO and HGB leaders serve on CAHA’s governing board.

For more about HGB, visit hgbhealth.com. For more about CAHA, visit capitalareahealthalliance.org.