Major construction progress for new AL!VE health park

Major construction for the AL!VE health park has been underway since its groundbreaking in September 2010. What was once the Felpausch grocery store and CVS Pharmacy at 800 W. Lawrence Ave. in Charlotte will eventually be an 80,000-square-foot facility that will expand Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital's vision to enhance the overall health and vitality of the community. While being spearheaded by the hospital, the project has experienced tremendous community support to date. This ongoing commitment and involvement will be essential to the overall success of the endeavor.

Among the more tangible and significant signs of construction progress, both outside and inside the facility, include the roof installation of the west and southwest sections, poured concrete flooring, brick and stonework on the exterior façade, erection of steel studs in the multipurpose gym, new electrical service, and drywall and ductwork installation in several areas of the building.

"Each day, all one has to do is see the concrete and brick walls going up, steel framing being constructed, and the roofing installed to know that substantial progress is being made," said Randy Owens, director of facilities at HGB.

This first construction phase, resulting in more than 45,000 square feet, is estimated to be completed by the end of October. Areas of AL!VE that will be completed this fall are women's health, the café, outpatient rehabilitation, the activity gym and a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Part of the indoor and outdoor walking path will also be completed.

"Although we received a tremendous amount of rain this spring, the construction timeline was not significantly affected," said Patrick Sustrich, MS, director of health and wellness services at HGB, who also helps oversee AL!VE's construction and operations. "The next few months will show even more significant progress and will eventually lead up to the completion of this first phase of construction."

Centered on enhancing community vitality in the region, AL!VE is an $18 million initiative dedicated to offering an integrated array of health and wellness services and programs in partnership with the greater Charlotte and Lansing communities.

Funding totaling more than $10 million has been secured through HGB's financing efforts. An additional $2.7 million has been raised through grants, corporate and individual gifts. Continued fundraising efforts are underway – a public campaign will kick off this fall. Community support will play a significant role in the completion of the next phase of the project.

"As time passes, AL!VE becomes more and more tangible to the community as they see the facility take shape," said Sustrich. "It's definitely an exciting time for everyone involved and when the project is completed, the opportunities for the entire community to come together to enhance the quality of life in our region will be considerable."

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