Osteoporosis and exercise: Free educational session Thursday, Aug. 11

Physical therapy staff from Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is presenting a free educational session on how exercise plays a key role in treating osteoporosis. The one-hour class is at 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 11, at the Eaton Area Senior Center located at 804 S. Cochran Ave.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 44 million Americans currently suffer from osteoporosis. It is expected by 2020 that half of all Americans over age 50 will have osteoporosis. 

While osteoporosis affects both women and men, women are more susceptible. The condition causes bones to weaken, increasing the risk of fractures – most commonly at the hips, spine and wrist. Risk factors include gender, age, body size, family history and nutrition. 

There are several ways to help manage and prevent the complications of osteoporosis. Lifestyle changes can help minimize bone loss, along with oral calcium and vitamin D. Exercise plays a key role in the treatment of the condition. Exercise places stress on the skeleton and the muscles, which stimulates bone growth. Weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and jogging, weight training and balance retraining, are typically recommended for individuals suffering from osteoporosis. 

Anyone interested in learning more about how exercise helps those with osteoporosis is welcome to attend the presentation. Always speak with your physician or a physical therapist before starting an exercise program for the first time.


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