Region’s health care organizations collaborate in support of AL!VE

Region’s health care organizations collaborate in support of AL!VE

Mid-Michigan benefits from having a variety of community-minded organizations that strive to have a positive impact on the health and vitality of the region they serve. Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital has been joined by Sparrow Health SystemMcLaren – Greater Lansing (formerly Ingham Regional Medical Center), and Eaton Rapids Medical Center, along with the Michigan Health and Hospital Association and Blue Care Network in bringing AL!VE to life.

As a destination ‘health park’ that opened November 2011 in Charlotte, AL!VE has already served to enhance our region’s position in the rapidly changing health care environment.  While it’s not yet clear what the far-reaching impacts of health care reform will be, it is clear that it’s time to alter how we think about health care services and how we work together as partners to improve the quality of life. 

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital developed the concept of AL!VE after researching many models of health promotion.  One key to the vision was an integrative approach to providing positive experiences, reducing barriers, and inspiring people to explore health and wellness programs and services in one location. To have this ambitious endeavor reach its full potential however, HGB understood collaboration would also be a significant factor in its overall success.

"This isn’t about one health care organization making a difference," said Matt Rush, HGB president and CEO, FACHE. "We are so encouraged to see the spirit of collaboration that has emerged around AL!VE, not only with our local community, but with our partners around the region. Together we are providing a new, innovative approach to health … accessible to all those we serve."

"McLaren—Greater Lansing got involved in a way that made sense for our focus on women’s health," said Patrick Salow, McLaren—Greater Lansing executive vice president and COO. "For example, Charlotte Women’s Health serves both Hayes Green Beach and McLaren patients. We can expand their efforts by supporting Journey, a state-of-the art women’s health center at AL!VE."

Journey provides screenings, support services, consultations and women’s-only programs, as well as gathering spaces and educational opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Grow is a children’s area that will be available after the second phase of construction, which is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2012 if fund-raising goals are met. Grow will offer childcare for everyone who uses AL!VE. Sparrow Hospital appreciated the community aspect of this benefit and chose to support its development.

John Berg, executive director of strategic market development at Sparrow, believes this kind of local asset with this kind of community support has a greater, positive impact on the family unit.

"Everything about AL!VE resonates with how health care providers like HGB and Sparrow want to engage our communities in wellness – how we need to help people lead healthier lives," Berg said. "AL!VE promises to be a great learning lab on improving health. That is why we wanted to partner, and be part of the collaboration; to learn from our partner, HGB, as to how we can better engage our patients in wellness."

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association agrees that spirit of working together will make AL!VE’s reach and influence greater than even HGB might have imagined when it first created the concept. 

"This initiative is bringing together some of the area’s largest employers and community supporters that have the greatest impact on local health care and the economy," said Brian Peters, executive vice president of operations at MHA. "They know regional assets like AL!VE are what will help bring and keep young talent, families and medical professionals to greater Lansing."

Blue Care Network, one of the area’s largest health maintenance organizations, just celebrated five years of making Michigan residents healthier through its Healthy Blue Living program. This unique approach of offering incentives for living healthier has shown significant positive results. The insurer is thrilled to lend its support to a project like AL!VE that can help expand their efforts.

"This new health park destination will help people realize how education, nutrition, fitness, social opportunities and medical services all come together to create a complete picture of health," said Kevin Klobucar, BCN president and CEO. "We are excited to see such an innovative project in the region and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow and expand."

A neighboring medical center in Eaton Rapids recently partnered with HGB to offer expanded weight management services. The Eaton Rapids Medical Center is also excited about the possibilities AL!VE can bring to local communities, helping expand their health education outreach as well.

"It is a fantastic time to bring a place like AL!VE to mid-Michigan," said Tim Johnson, ERMC president and CEO. "When people across the United States are being asked to be more accountable for their health, AL!VE provides a way to do that by motivating its visitors to learn more and try new experiences. We are proud to support this exciting initiative only a few miles down the road."

"The spirit of collaboration is what will help AL!VE continue to grow," Rush said. "It has already created a positive ripple effect throughout the region and is rapidly becoming the region’s well-being place."

Find more information about AL!VE at or call (517) 541-5800. Information and updates can also be found on facebook.