Cardiology/Heart Station

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital's Heart Station is a multipurpose cardiovascular clinic located next to the HGB Outpatient Surgery lobby.

The HGB Heart Station, a partnership with Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute, resides on the former site of the 1954 operating suite. Its opening marked the expansion of services for HGB's existing cardiology clinic.

HGB has had a long-standing partnership with TCI, a Lansing-based physician practice specializing in cardiology and vascular care. TCI physicians see patients at the Heart Station, so patients and their families don’t have to travel to Lansing or other major cities for routine cardiovascular care.

The cardiology portion of the clinic is for patients with all types of heart and circulatory problems. Tests performed include these:

  • Holter monitor studies
  • Cardiac stress testing
  • Nuclear cardiac stress testing
  • Echocardiography
  • Carotid Doppler imaging
  • Cardiac pacemaker evaluations
  • 24-hour EKG monitoring
  • Pacemaker checks

Physicians also perform cardiac consultations and evaluations.

Vascular services include renal artery Doppler studies and abdominal vascular studies.

The following cardiologists are available: James Schafer, MD; George Kleiber, DO; Edward Helble, DO; Joni Summitt, DO; and Michael James, DO.

Services are available in the clinic Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, ask your primary care physician or simply call 517-541-5840.